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Arsenic Sequestration by Vitrification

The occurrence of arsenic bearing minerals is increasing in base and precious metal deposits. Materials with elevated arsenic contents are difficult to process without the associated environmental risks. Due to limited alternatives, the arsenic is volatilized or left in tailings exposed to lixiviation. Very few facilities in the world are capable of treating material containing high levels of arsenic. The Corporation has developed in its portfolio of technologies a patented process for the capture and stabilisation of the arsenic from mining and processing operations.

The Corporation’s approach is to form a very stable glass and vitrify the arsenic content. The cost of sequestrating the arsenic using the vitrification technology is in the order of ten times lower than conventional approaches and produces a stable, insoluble glass residue.

                                                Arsenic vitrifié contenant 20% As205

DST’s completed the construction of its arsenic sequestration pilot plant to address the arsenic contamination issues in gold mining and smelting operations.